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((Wanna talk with me, the Admin? Just call me Griggy since a lot of my friends calls me that. uvu You will not know the secret behind that name heheheheh))

Gm3 Dt@ FoR: Arthur Kirkland

Full Name: Arthur ‘Oliver’ Kirkland
Gender: Male
Age: 23 (Appearance) ; -Confidential, please insert password to unlock data- (In Game)
Birthday: April 23
Height: 5’9”
Weight: (That’s awfully rude to know…) 130 lb
Relationship Status: Single
Hair Color: White-Blond with a hint of Pink
Eye Colors: Blue and Pink
Ero Zone(s) : Eyebrows, Neck / Near Where The Head And Neck Is Separated By The Cut
Appearance: On a normal day, in which his admin doesn’t do anything to Arthur or his clothes, he wears a light pink long sleeved dress shirt with a purple sweater vest over it. He actually wears makeup because he dislikes showing the freckles that is scattered on his body. Arthur always have a large grin on his lips, taunting half lidded eyes, and a jump to his every step. To top it all off, he also has an aqua blue bowtie around his neck for special purposes.
Personality: Arthur is mainly a really optimistic, cheerful man with a hidden crave for killing in situations that needed such. He'll poke fun at others, especially his 1P, and bring out the happy atmosphere in almost everything. First timers on meeting this man will always receive a nice greeting and possibly a chat, since he is a chatter head. Get the worse out of him, and you'll see the very opposite, sadistic side of him. But mostly, he can be a child with a Chesire Cat grin, sometimes pulling pranks and maybe surprise a few people for his own fun. Be cautious around him as he can think of horrible actions as if they were the right thing.

SoUlS Aquired: 17 "Wonderful how this collection is growing~!"

WoUnD3D Victims: 2 "Oh what terrible thing happened to them~?!"

D3th's Caused: 1 "Woops, my fingers slipped~."

'Gm3 Ov3r' Count: 1 "Well that's awfully mean of you..."

2P!England and 2P!America :icon2penglandkawaiiplz:

-Other RP Accounts-

:iconmasked-bird: masked-bird (Heinoustuck!Dave Strider)

:iconfibbing-puppeteer: fibbing-puppeteer (Guidestuck Cal Strider)

:icon2eeiing-bee2: 2eeiing-bee2 (High!Sollux)

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Would you like to meet my plushie~? I'm sure he'll love to have another friend~.


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Come Little Players
I'll Take Thee Away, Into A Land
Of D A R K N E S S
Come Little Players
The Time's Come To Play
Here In My Garden
Of S H A D O W S

2p england Pictures, Images and Photos

Follow Sweet Players
I'll Show Thee The Way
Fall Into The Pain And
The Sorrows
Weep Not Poor Players
For Death Is This Way
Murdering Beauty And

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Hush Now Dear Players
It Must Be This Way
To Weary Of Life And
Rest Now My Players
For Soon We'll Away
Into The Craze And
The I N S @ N I T Y

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Come Little Players
I'll Take Thee Away, Into A Land
Of D A R K N E S S
Come Little Players
The Time's Come To Play
Here In My Garden
Of S H A D O W S

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(づ ̄ &sup3; ̄)づ A Cupcake A Day Takes Your Soul Away~ (☞≧ヮ≦)☞
United Kingdom
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Game Character!2P!Arthur :iconp2-arthuryayplz:

-Country Combat-
Press Start

Select Your Character!
Italy / Germany / Japan / America / >England< / France / Russia / China / 'Secret Character' / ???

You have selected England. Is this correct?
>Yes< / No

P1 / >P2< / P3 / P4

You have selected Player 2. Is this correct?
>Yes< / No

Sorry, this character is locked. Please enter password to continue.

Password Correct.

You have selected Player 2 England. Is this correct?
>Yes< / No

Warning! Character may corrupt game system. Continue?
>Yes< / No

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"R 3 @ D Y T0 P L @ Y, C U P C @ K 3~?"

Oh! 'Ello there, dearie~. Lovely seeing you this time of day. Name? Arthur Kirkland at your service~-- hmm? Oh, you must be referring to my counterpart, I'm always bubbly and lively like this! Unlike him, I actually can make friends and do cook quite excellent, if I do say so myself~. You're such a cute poppet, why not have some tea with me sometime soon~? I'll make you some delicious sweets with any flavor you want! Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, you name it! Fantastic meeting you, love~.

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((Alright here's the deal, no Arthur won't kill you ON THE SPOT. STOP INSISTING THAT EVERY 2P WILL TURN INSANE IN AN INSTANT. Most go by how 2P are just the opposite of their 1P, so blood lust is just an additional thing the fandom added. But because of this some people gets the wrong idea and think all 2Ps are insane serial killers 24/7. NO. STOP. Yes he can get mad and go in a killing mood. BUT THAT'S RARE. Have a wonderful day, cupcake.
And most of the pictures on this profile all belongs to :iconuhoh-beek: UhOh-Beek))

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little clown, 7R0U8L1NG CL0WN,
WHY D0 Y0U 80TH3R 70 57y?

why is he running away?
D0N’7 Y0U F33L L1K3 MURD3R1NG?
everyone’s just come together at last.
Y0U’R3 8R0K3N, 1 JUS7 W@N7 70 PLy.

fill my cup, L37’5 DR1NK @ 70@57.
this is a happy day, 50 WHY r3 Y0U L0N3LY?
in my mind, Y0U F33L L1K3 @ D0L7.
i wake up first, nd 1 57r3 WH1L3 1’M 5L33P1NG.
((idk how important this is but w/e

i recently made an actual ~*~main account~*~ on dA again
mainly because i didnt want to go back to my old, very scary, regretful, main account i had before
that was during my weeaboo phase and i do not want to see it again
rather be very far away from those times than remember them

its not fancy-ish or even done yet but u can go watch me there i guess
i havent posted any of my art there (and i dont htink i will but we'll see) only a small doodle for my reference

for those who're wondering about rping (i guess thats what matters to u guys the most??) i might (BIG MIGHT) rp hetalia once in a while, havent figured that out yet and my muses are pretty much worn out and dead or some crap
thing is im not good at it anymore
like rping anyone
ill be able to rp homestuck and off (yea a new fandom im in wee) because im more, i guess, 'knowledgeable' (if thats the right word to use), on those topics/fandoms

but yea

heres the account if youre interested on actually seeing what i do on here :iconamp0ra:

idk whats going to happen with this account but we'll see in the future (−`) ンー ))
  • Mood: Big Grin

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